We are a complete pool cleaning service - from green pool cleanup and weekly cleaning to stain removal, we can get and keep your pool water clean, clear, and blue.

We provide a full range of services, tailored to each customer's needs. All of our services are on an as-needed basis; there are no long term contracts.


If you don't already have a pool automation system, what are you waiting for?! If you do, Pool Boy offers professional pool automation service. This involves maintaining your pool automation system to ensure it is operating correctly - avoiding costly repairs with regular upkeep.

Energy Efficient Pump

The pool pump is the heart of your swimming pool, and must always be in perfect working order. We regulary service pool pumps on a daily basis with our weekly pool service plans.

Heat Pump Service

Pool Boy offers regular maintenance and service of heat pumps. The best way to avoid heat pump problems, costly repairs, and expensive replacements, is to make sure your pool heat pump is always operating in the best conditions.

Color LED Light Upgrades

Pool Boy can upgrade your pool lights to color LED. Not only do LED lights save you over 70% on energy costs, but they can add vibrant colors to your pool. LED light upgrades may require replacing the light fixture, something you should always hire a professional to do. Pool Boy has the experience to safely upgrade your swimming pool lights to LED.

Perhaps you've seen pictures or videos of some amazing swimming pools featuring light shows - something often exclusive to resorts and commercial swimming pools and fountains can now be featured in your own home's swimming pool. Call Pool Boy today for details.

Pool Inspections

We perform an inspection on more than 35 different points of your pool. We will lubricate pump, filter and chlorinator o-rings as well as check your water chemistry, filtration, and circulation. We also inspect all of your pool equipment. At the end of the inspection, we provide you a summary of our findings and any recommendations we have to improve the appearance, performance, and care of your pool.

We also perform pool inspections for soon-to-be homeowners and for people with pool problems they just can't solve. We will come out and inspect every facet of your pool and in most cases fix the problems right on the spot. We've never had a pool problem we couldn't solve.

Green Pool Cleanup

From a few weeks of neglect, to a few years... we've seen them all. We do a comprehensive check of the equipment, circulation, and water chemistry and design a custom treatment program for each pool. We address all of the problem areas to ensure that once the pool is cleaned up, it remains easy to maintain.

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Pool Cages & Lanai Screens

In addition to cleaning pools, installing and repairing pool equipment, and working pool decks we also work on pool cages and lanai screens.

We are full-service pool cage experts, offering installation, repair, and cleaning. We can repair your pool cage, completely rescreen it, or remove algae and mold growth. We do it all!

Don't have a pool? We work on lanai screens too. Call today for a free estimate.

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