The specialists at Pool Boy are true swimming pool experts. If you want your swimming pool to look neat and pristine all year long, we have the cleaning savvy you need.

Pool Boy Inc. is licensed and insured to perform repairs and new equipment installations anywhere in the state of Florida. Our repair techs are highly trained individuals with years of experience in the swimming pool industry.

We always attempt to fix your existing equipment first and as a last resort we recommend replacement. Below is a summary of typical repairs that we provide:

Pumps & Motors

The pump is the heart of the swimming pool and as such needs to be in perfect working condition. We repair, replace, and upgrade pumps on a daily basis. We treat pump problems as the highest priority repairs and in most cases we have a technician working on your pump within 24 hours of your call.

Pool Inspections

We perform pool inspections for soon-to-be homeowners and for people with pool problems they just can't solve. We will come out and inspect every facet of your pool and in most cases fix the problems right on the spot. We've never had a pool problem we couldn't solve.

Filter Systems

We fix a variety of filter problems including: cracked housings, old cartridges, stripped on handles, changing sand, and leaking o-rings. We always repair what we can, but in some cases the entire filtration unit needs replacing, and we can do that too!

Heat Pump Systems

We deliver and install a wide range of heat pumps for residential and commercial applications. Please consult our knowledgeable staff before purchasing a heat pump to ensure you get a properly sized heat pump for your particular pool. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right heater for your pool, and guide you towards the most efficient unit available.

Solar Heating Systems

Solar Heating is the most economical method of heating your pool; there are no sales tax on a new installation or ongoing operational costs. We design and install complete solar heating systems for residential and commercial applications. Our solar systems come with an industry leading 12 year limited lifetime warranty. We also perform repairs on existing systems.

Salt Systems

Adding a salt system to your pool will allow your pool to generate its own chlorine, eliminating the need for manual chlorine addition. The resulting pool water is gentler on your skin and easier on your equipment. Our professional staff can assist you in choosing the right salt system and advise you on the best practices to maintain crystal clear pool water.

Pool Lights

Changing a pool light bulb. This is not as easy as it sounds. The pool light fixture is completely under water and the housing the bulb goes in must be water tight or the bulb will fail and a safety hazard will exist.

Equipment Leaks

A small water leak has the ability to destroy equipment if it is not repaired immediately. Most equipment leaks come down to a failure of an O-Ring/Gasket or the failure of a PVC joint. Call us today to schedule a leak repair so that you don't end up having an expensive equipment failure down the road.

Pool Leak Detection & Repair

When you are constantly losing and adding water, you are also losing and adding chemicals. It is nearly impossible to keep a leaking pool in chemical balance. This leads to a multitude of problems, including frequent algae and surface corrosion. We perform leak detection on the pool shell and will repair any leaks found. If the leak is NOT in the shell, we can dive the pool and locate the source of the leak. We can then help you decide the best course of action to repair the leak. If we don't find a leak, we don't charge you!


Chlorinators provide a slow release of stabilized chlorine, assisting you in maintaining adequate sanitation in your pool. We can repair existing chlorinators, from leaking o-rings and burst tubing to broken valves. We can also install new chlorinators in instances of cracked housing or as a new installation.


Timers are used to control when your pool equipment turns on and off. Depending on the electircal wiring, some systems run on 110V, others on 220V. We are able to install complete timers, or replace malfunctioning parts as needed. We can even help you upgrade to an electronic timer and fully automated system that you can control from inside your home.


We repair and install a variety of valves that are used in swimming pool installations. Water leaks at a valve should be repaired right away because they can lead to larger leaks and more costly repairs.