Here are some things that you can do to prepare your pool for a hurricane AND some basic things to do after the storm has passed.

FIRST! Get yourself and your family safe!! Once all your other preparations are complete, look to your pool.

Preparing your swimming pool for a hurricane.

Preparing Your Pool for a Storm

  • Add extra sanitizer to the water
  • Do NOT alter water level
  • Turn off pool equipment at the circuit breaker
  • Securely wrap pool equipment to keep out sand and debris
  • Avoid placing metal and glass in your pool
  • Secure all pool toys, floats and solar blankets indoors

Cleaning Your Pool After a Storm

  • Remove items and large debris from the pool (anything that could clog your vacuum lines) - use a net when needed
  • Remove covering from equipment
  • Inspect equipment for leaks and damage, then restart pool if able
  • Vacuum rest of debris from pool…use leaf vacuums when needed. Clean the filter
  • Add extra sanitizer to the water

We saw a lot of post-Charley damage to pools because downed cages were left in the pools for months at a time. This led to the rusting, staining and pitting of the surfaces... causing many costly repairs. When you are safe and able, remove any metal from your pool as soon as you can. Let us know if you need help!

Hoping everyone stays safe.