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Take your salt pool to the next level of comfort and protection with the refined blend of Mineral Springs® with SilkGuard®.  As your local BioGuard® Dealer and trusted pool care experts, we recommend using Mineral Springs to transform to a mineral pool with brilliant, sparkling, luxuriously soft water that's simply extraordinary.  Watch the video for more details, or come in and let our experts give you more information.
BioGuard® makes pool care simple with a 3-Step system. Maintain beautiful, sparkling clear water in 3 simple steps.  Let our staff of experts show you how a system approach to pool care saves you time, money, and keeps your pool at peak performance all year long.
  • Step 1: Sanitize to kill bacteria
  • Step 2: Shock for sparkling clear water
  • Step 3: Use an algae preventer
Watch the video at left and come in to see us to keep your pool maintenance easy and trouble free.
Watch the videos below to get more information on products and services we provide.  Then call or come in if you have any other questions.  We are always available to help answer your questions.
The 5 Keys to Basic Pool Care.  Watch this helpful video to learn the basics of caring for a pool yourself.
  • Step 1: Circulation
  • Step 2: Filtration*
  • Step 3: Cleaning
  • Step 4: Testing
  • Step 5: Chemistry
*The video shows a sand filter...please note that cartridge filters should be cleaned every week as well.
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